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Yamaha GH1 Baby Grand (Silent Play, Disklavier)

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Description: Company: Yamaha Model: GH1 Serial #: B5976738 Build Date: 2002 Color: Ebony Polish Size: 5' 3" You can enjoy playing this gently used Yamaha baby grand which has the Disklavier player system DKC55RCD which plays your piano for you! This piano was manufactured in Japan which is where the best Yamaha pianos are made. This piano is loaded with the latest technology! You can not only record your performances with all the nuance of expression of the original performance, you can also play the piano silently with included headphones! At 5-feet 3-inches, the piano has a much richer sound than the Indonesian made 4-foot 11 GA-1 piano. This is a much higher end piano. Better than that, the Disklavier system utilizes top-notch player technology. The hammers have excellent felt which has been voiced to provide a warm sound. The soundboard and finish of the piano are in excellent condition. It’s hard to find gently used Yamaha pianos, especially with the highly regarded Disklavier system. If you would like to get a nice Yamaha baby grand in excellent condition with or without a player, this is a great choice. Finding one with all the Disklavier features in a piano in great condition is a real find!