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Intel i5 Gaming PC - 19" Monitor - Gaming Keyboard & Mouse - WiFi - Windows 10 Pre-Installed.

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All ARIA EXPRESS Gaming PCs are built USING BRAND NEW COMPONENTS EXCLUDING THE MOTHERBOARD, RAM & CPU. Our computer technicians build, test and prep each system so they're ready to go straight out of the box with Windows 10 64-Bit pre-installed. SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR: Intel i5 Quad Core Processor MEMORY: 16GB DDR3 STORAGE:1TB Hard Drive GRAPHICS CARD:NVIDIA GeForce GT710 2GB GRAPHICS CARD PORTS:VGA, DVI, HDMI OPTICAL DRIVE:DVD Re-Writer CASE:CIT PRISM RGB Gaming Mid Tower Case SCREEN:19" Refurbished Monitor WIFI:USB WiFi Dongle KEYBOARD & MOUSE: Illuminated gaming Keyboard & Mouse (3x Colours) OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Graphics card meets the minimum requirement for the game. Warranty Information: Manufacturer arianet