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Philips 32PHT4503 32" HD Ready LED TV in Black

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This 32-inch Philips TV is perfect for petite homes or for the kids' room. With an LED screen that's HD ready, the size doesn't compromise on the picture quality. It comes with 1 USB port and 2 HDMI sockets to connect your games console or DVD/Blu-ray player, so all your entertainment is ready and waiting. It's suitable for wall mounting with a 100x100 brackets (not included). Screen size: 32 inches. Size of TV H43.6, W73.3, D7.8cm. Size of TV with stand: H45.5, W73.3, D16.6cm. Weight of TV 4.8kg (unpackaged). Weight of TV with stand: 4.9kg. Footprint of TV 55.1cm. Suitable for wall mounting 100 x 100 bracket. Length of cable: 1.5m. Packaged size H52, W79.8, D12.3cm. Packaged weight 5.8kg.