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Whisky Barrel Obsidian Titanium Wedding Band Ring

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Item details Handmade Material Titanium, Wood Looking for a Durable band with Rustic Personality? Our Hammered Titanium band is built with a rough matte finish. Within our Hammered Titanium you will find Genuine whiskey barrel hand crafted and formed into a stunning Whiskey barrel wood sleeve. The inner layer is formed from aged whiskey barrels which have been stabilized and formed for comfort. The wood is meticulously sanded and polished to enhance the natural wood beauty. White oak displays remarkable natural wood tones and patterns. This is sure to leave an impression. The Outer Layer is our hammered titanium with a rough matte finish and Natural rustic shine. ◆ About our Process:

  • Outer Band made from hammered titanium with rough matte finish and natural shine
  • Beautiful Whiskey Barrel Inlay made of White Oak
  • Protective resin Seal
  • The inner lining is edged with a perfect Comfort Fit
  • Built to Last: Our Hammered Titanium band protects the beautiful Whiskey barrel wood from scratching